Atlas Law Firm aims to provide both professional and comprehensive legal services to individuals, companies and government institutions by addressing the client´s needs in all fields of the law. The Attorneys, who possess a vast experience in all major fields of the law, strive to look after their client´s interest keeping in mind honesty, trust and professionalism.

Atlas Law Firm offices are located at Kringlan 7 (11th floor) in Reykjavík. Our Attorneys at law are Bjarni Hauksson, Björgvin Þórðarson and Harpa Helgadóttir.

Atlas Law Firm provides all general protection of interest for individuals, companies and government institutions. The cases handled by the Attorneys for individuals are among other things general contractual process, labor law cases, insurance and Tort, cases of faulty real estates, kinship and inheritance cases and protection of commercial interest.

Cases for companies and government institutions are an important part of the operation and the Attorneys have expertise in legal counseling and litigation in the fields of business and financial markets. Projects for companies and government institutions are among others, counseling when buying and/or selling companies, cases of insolvency, bankruptcy and financial reconstruction, natural resources, procurement, employment and labor law, competition law and due diligence.